Instrument Rentals

We want you or your child to learn to make music, but understand sometimes the initial cost of purchasing an instrument is a barrier to getting started.  That is why in our second year of operation we decided to enter into the instrument rental business to make the point-of-entry NOT cost prohibitive!  We maintain a stock of full-size, weighted-key digital pianos (Casio brand).  Ji-Eun her self auditioned many digital pianos on the market and found the Casio PX series to have the better play action and is more affordable than Yamaha and other brands.  Along the way we decided to partner with Paige's Music (Encore Strings) and rent violins, violas, cellos, and double bass thorugh them.  We even carry some junior size drum kits to help the younger drum students get a start (and we know how much parents love drum kits in the house so we want to make those accessible to you!).  All of these are for rent with no commitment required!