Little Mozarts

This piano group class is for ages 5 to 6 and they will be introduced to new musical concepts and technics.  (4 year old student can join but student needs to know how to count and write numbers and alphabets A to G to be able to follow the instructions).

They will learn basic musical terms including musical alphabets, hand position, postures and more. All students will have a chance to play piano during the classes.  

They will enjoy the atmospher of the music learning and also they will look forward to having private lessons at the end of the sessions.  

The lesson book will be provided on the first day of the class.  You don't have to bring anything to classes.  Just bring the happy, joyful and musical spirit to classes! The book kids will use during the whole session is following image.  After the group sessions are done it will be easy for kids to continue with a private teacher with this same book followed by next level book.

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