Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy
Serving Fishers since 2004!

Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy has been providing music lessons, youth theater, and early childhood music classes to the Fishers and surrounding area since 2004.  Our founder, Ji-Eun Lee, immigrated for Seoul, South Korea in the early 1990's.  She studied piano performance at Indiana University.  After graudating with her Masters of Music she remained in the area as a Church pianist and private teacher.  In 2004 she opened the academy after her private teaching had grown too large for her to teach all her students.  We don't just love play and teach music.  We believe music is an essential part of life.  Music is entertaining.  Music relieves stress.  Music helps us communicate with one another.  When children learn to sing or play an instrument they grow intellectually.  Children will learn to express ideas and emotions through music.  Countless studies have been done that prove people who play music not only achieve better grades in school, but they are generally happier in life.  It is also a life skill -- when we are all too old to play basketball or soccer we will still have music whether it's the Church choir, community band, or simply playing for our personal enjoyment at home.  We want to share music with everyone.  If you are ready to realize that dream give us a call today!

Mom and Me Music

Mom and Me Music is our early childhood development music classes powered by Musikgarten.  These music and movement classes are usually 4 to 8 children plus one parent where children will learn fundamental music concepts, self-expression, emotional expression, and have fund while doing it!  To learn more head over to our Mom and Me Music website by clicking the button!


Excellent Teachers
Superb Children

Our teachers love teaching.  They love children and enjoy teaching adults too!  Our teachers are not only capable, but they have these qualities too:
  • Make Lessons Fun!
  • Provide Clear, Creative Explanations.
  • Spot Problems and Offer Solutions To Fix Those Problems.
  • Possess a Positive Attitude!
  • Will Choose Appropriate Music to Learn.
  • Love to Teach Music!

The Switch Theatre

The Switch is flexible event space with seating up to 200.  It features a 600 square foot stage elevated 2 feet off the the floor.  It has an audio system, programmable stage lighting, 15' drop down video screen, and seating or tables can be arranged in any configuration.  If you need a location for your next event please give us a call!

Class Sessions

Sat - Fri (8 am – 2 pm)
Sun - Mon (8 am – 11 am)

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123 White Amphitheatre Kinway,
Mountain, CA 12345, USA

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8.00 am – 5.00 pm

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+123 456 78910

Fishers premier private and group music lessons, early childhood music classes, youth theater, and event space!

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