Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Our group lessons include any class of two or more students.  We have toddler age classes, young beginning classes, a theater program, and special, one-time programs.  Most group programs can be enrolled online or in our studio office.  Classes typically run 5 to 8 weeks meeting once per week for 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the class.  Classes are taught by our profesisonal music instructors most of whom hold B.M.'s and M.M.'s.  Our instructors are often active performers in orchestras, bands, Church groups, and other ensembles.  Group lessons are paid in full before the first session of the class and are non-refundable.  Scroll down this page for details such as what to expect, materials needed, age range, etc.


Cancelation Policy

Due to the nature of group classes where more than one student is in the same class there is no cancellation policy and there is no refund for missed classes.  If we must cancel a class due to instructor illness, inclimate weather, or some other unexpected reason we will make every attempt to reschedule the class.

Instruments and Materials

Many group classes include all necessary materials and instruments, but some classes (like theater) might require additional materials (e.g. costumes).  If additional materials or items are required it will be in the class description (no surprises!).  We do our best to keep classes affordable.  For your convenience we carry most additional materials in our studio office.

Final Concert

Certain classes (Musical Theater, summer camps) typically include a final concert or performance.  If a final concert/performance is part of the class it will be indicated in the class description and schedule.


Little Mozart Piano Class

Ages:  5 and 6

Cost:  $75 (7 week long, 30 min. per week. Material - Lesson Book is included)

Little MozartzThis is an an 7 week small group class for 5-6 years old starters. It is a cost effective way for beginners to explore music and the instrument. The course fee includes the book.  It does not require a piano at home but we encourage one for best results.  If your little one loves to sing, make music, or even listen to music attentively this could be the perfect starter course.  Register online today!

Piano Prep

Ages:  7 to 8

Cost:  $75 (7 week long, 30 min. per week. Material - Lesson Book is included)

Piano Prep

Piano Prep Course Jump Start for 7 to 8 years old students who did not have piano lessons before.

We will use the following method book to start with.  The book will be provided to all participating students.

The class is 30 minute long.  This will give students a great idea about piano lessons.

Students will learn basic terms, musical alphabets, postures, finger awreness, hand positions, and much more!

Having piano or digital piano at home is helpful for this course but it is NOT necessary.

However, when students sign up for the private lesson after this course, students NEED piano to practice regular basis.

Guitar Prep

Ages:  6 to 8 (Sorry, currently we don't offer this class.  Our guitar instructors are fully booked)

Cost:  $123


Violin Choir / Cello Choir

Ages:  7 to 12 (Sorry, currently we don't offer this class.  Our instructors are fully booked)

Cost:  $123

This class requires basic ability to play the instrument.