Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Our private music lessons are taught by profesisonal music instructors most of whom hold B.M.'s and M.M.'s.  Our instructors are often active performers in orchestras, bands, Church groups, and other ensembles.  Lessons meet once per week for 30 minutes at the assigned day and time each week.  Advanced students may have 45 to 60 minute lessons.  Lessons are paid monthly in advance on the day of your first lesson for the month.  Scroll down this page for instrument specific details such as what to expect, materials needed, age range, etc.

Registration Fee

There is a one-time $50 registration fee.  Upon submissio we will be notified and we will contact you to answer your questions and schedule your first lesson.  Thank you for enrolling with Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy!  Register now!

*Theater or Group Lessons:  If you want to register for Theater or Group Lessons, please click the group lesson enrollment button next to this.  Do not use this enrollment form.

Lesson Fee

Lessons cost $26 to $40 depending on the instrument and instructor for each lesson.  The cost varies depending on the experience of the instructor, but most lessons cost $27/lesson.  Please contact our studio office for exact price of the lesson.

Cancelation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancelation policy, which means our office or the instructor must be notified 24 hours before the lesson otherwise the lesson and lesson fee may be forfeited.  In cases of unexpected illness or inclimate weather our instructors will work with you to arrange a make-up lesson.  If you do not accept the make-up lesson the fee for that week's lesson will be forfeited.

Instruments and Materials

Yes, the student needs an instrument for practice!  We rent full-size, weighted key digital pianos (no long-term contract required) and we have partnered with Paige's Music for string rentals.  For your convenience you can rent the violin, viola, or cello directly through us and leave it with us if it needs maintenance.  For guitars and drums we would recommend any number of local music retailers.  Most music lessons require one to three books.  Books typically cost in the $5 to $8.  A new book is needed very two to three months.  In addition to books some instruments, like violins, will need other materials like rosins, chin rest/sponge, etc.  The cost is minimal for these materials.  For your convenience we carry all the necessary books and materials in our studio office.

Concerts, Recitals, and Other Fun Things

Twice a year, April and November, we host a formal Concert Showcase.  Our Concert Showcase is an all-ages, mixed-instrument recital where students have the opportunity to show off what they have learned.  We strongly encourage every student to participate regardless of their ability.  Many of our instructors will accompany various students and maybe play a song or two for you too!  We also have many other opportunities to perform in our concert hall and around Fishers!  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn about these special opportunities.

Adult Student Showcase

We have adult students too and sometimes they don't feel comfortable participating in the regular Concert Showcase so twice a year we host a special mixed-instrument adult recital.  Our instructors are encourage to participate in this recital making it a fun and enjoyable event all around.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

We all know the old saying about what it takes to get to Carnegie Hall.  Well, it's true!  Beginning students should practice a minimum 15 minutes per day and, of course, the more the student practices the faster the student will learn.



Ages:  4 to 99!

Cost:  $27 - $40/30 minutes

Piano students can begin at a young age.  If we do not think a child is ready for a lesson we will tell you.  We have taught as young as 31/2 years old!  Our instructors are professional teachers and patient, but if the 4 (or 5) year old student is not able to focus for 30 minutes and spend the required practice time each week we will let you know that the lessons should be delayed for a short while until the student is a little older.

Acoustic or digital?  While this is a hotly debated topic in piano teacher circles, we think it is okay for beginning students to use a digital piano for the first one to two years, but after that an acoustic piano will be necessary.  An acoustic piano strengthens the fingers and arms, teaches the student how to touch the keys, and allows the student to learn musicality (the feeling of music).


Ages:  8 to 99!

Cost:  $28 - $30/30 minutes

Voice students can start at a fairly young age. Younger students should use caution to not over stress and damage their voice. Our professional instructors will help the new student avoid injury through proper technique. Among the many tools of vocal technique will be, breathing properly using the muscles of the stomach , releasing tension in order to sing with ease and comfort, and correct posture with body standing relaxed and tall. Yet, while technique is important, it must also be well combined with good stage presence, and emotional song interpretation. Learning different styles of music will assist in helping with interpretation, this is why students in voice lessons will learn how to interpret all musical styles including, musical theatre, classical, jazz and pop. Still, the instructor will use caution in choosing songs to work on, taking into consideration a students age, vocal range, and overall interest.

Violin, Viola, Cello

Ages:  4 to 99!

Cost:  $28 - $30/30 minutes

Violins, violas, and cellos can all be rented at our studios through Paige's Music.  We partnered with Paige's for your convenience.  All other materials (rosins, cloths, strings, sponges, chin rests, books, etc.) can be purchased in our studio office.

Instruments come in many sizes.  Our studio office of the instructor will assist in sizing the student for the correct size of instrument.

More info is needed...

Guitar (Electric, Acoustic)

Ages:   8 to 99!

Cost:  $26-$28/30 minutes

Students can begin younger than 8 years old, but the student will need to be evaluated by the instructor so we are sure the student is ready.  A guitar will be needed for practice.  We recommend visiting Reno's, Noblesville Music Center, Sam Ash, Guitar Center, or IRC Music, but our instructors can offer advice and suggestions that fits the student's needs.

Though it's somewhat preference, we recommend beginning on an acoustic guitar.  Older beginning students (11 and up) might jump right to electric guitar.  Electric guitars will require additional equipment (amp, etc.).


Drums / Percussion

Ages:  10 to 99!

Cost:  $30/30 minutes

It is possible to begin drum lessons at a younger age than 10, but in our experience the student should be a little older than other instruments.