PRISM Project of Fishers

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This is the promotional video that highlights the impact that the Ball State Prism Project has on the BSU community and children with Autism.

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The music video for the 2021 collaboration with the Prism Project of Greater New Orleans is now out!  Check it out!

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The PRISM Project is a performing arts program for youth with exceptionalities.  The program was developed by Ball State and is designed to be physically, developmentally, and cognitively appropriate for youth with disabilities.

Facial covering is MANDATE for this program.

The Prism Project of Fishers is an inclusive performing arts program for children with disabilities and their typical peers.  The purpose of The Prism Project of Fishers is to provide an engaging performing arts program that Include individuals with disabilities ages 6 – 22 in Hamilton County.  We also work to close the gap in recreational activities for children with disabilities.  The unique design of our program means we allow children the opportunity to express themselves and engage with others and we encourage self-confidence, active creative arts experience and friendships. 

Our goals for the performers are as follows: 

  • Participate in each area (music-instrument, music-vocal, dance, theater) 
  • Increase participation from the previous rehearsal in that specific area 
  • Perform in the final performance  
  • Build up self-esteem and self-confidence  
  • Enjoy themselves and the performing arts! 

Our focus is on positive encouragement.  No performer is required to participate in any way, but we work very hard to make each activity as fun and engaging as possible in order to encourage participation as much as possible. 


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